Love & Prayer

Dear friends,

Thank you for taking time to view this, it means a lot! This page was created that we may live for one another in love, support and prayer. I am currently in Hokkaido (北海道), the northern island of Japan, called to the mountains.

You guys are invited to be a part of what God is doing in this beautiful nation! Believers and churches around the world are praying for Japan, that the wall of Jericho surrounding this land would fall by the grace and love of Jesus our Saviour. You can join me in prayer below.

If you would like to keep in touch, ask a question or send a prayer request, please use the form below to send a personal message and I’ll be sure to respond as soon as I can! Do send me your postal address if you would like to keep in contact through handwritten letters.

If you would like to support me financially, you may do so via Paypal by clicking the button on the left.

Alternatively, you may give via bank transfer; for UK only:
Barclays 20-29-41, 00847453

For Singapore:
DBS Savings 029-2-079688

Prayer Requests:

– For tiny sparks of hope, light, excitement and passion to ignite into a roaring flame! (Refer to blogpost titled ‘A Spark‘)

– Personally, language learning capacity to increase. I want to learn as much as I can because I want to converse and share my life in Japanese.

In His Majesty’s name,


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