The Lie that’s Truth in This World

I hate being in this place, this place of shame and self-loathing. What brought me here was a little too much snacks after dinner. The sensation of bloatedness after overeating, plus a mind riddled with lies and condemnation sent me into utter despair. Just this morning, I experienced such love and joy in my dear Bridegroom. He is beautiful and His banner over me is … Continue reading The Lie that’s Truth in This World

Divorced the Fear of Man

“The fear of man is the bowing of my knees so that people will like me.” – Ben Fitzgerald To say I struggle with the fear of man would be an understatement. Coming from someone who never really had friends in primary school, it’s probably understandable that I didn’t know how to relate with people when I finally did have friends (main reason why I … Continue reading Divorced the Fear of Man

“The Joy of The Lord Is My Strength”

I’ve had my heart set on fire as I close the last chapter of Voice In The Night by Surprise Sithole! I am in awe of the incredible things God is doing through the life of an ordinary man named Surprise. Everything about God is power! Everything He gives is powerful; love, grace, peace, joy, all these are overwhelmingly abundant and overwhelmingly powerful! There was … Continue reading “The Joy of The Lord Is My Strength”