Our Victory in this Season of Battle

I know, it’s 4am. This is the seventh or eighth 4am so far but we are going strong! MY JESUS REIGNS OVER THE HEAVENS AND EARTH! Victory has never tasted so sweet! My family and I have been kept awake fighting the terrors of the night, and for quite awhile, we have been feeling more defeated than victorious. It was difficult trying to maintain faith … Continue reading Our Victory in this Season of Battle

Returning for One Bride

I can’t begin to tell you what Jesus has been doing in my heart regarding this revelation. We are all uniquely made in Jesus, and we portray the countless sides of Jesus and His radical love. But truth be told, our differences are often magnified, creating more disunity and quarrels than unity and strength. Our differences; whether it be in looks, beliefs, passions, language, culture, … Continue reading Returning for One Bride

We are One, Stand as One – #prayforsyria

So, I’m going to talk about Syria and the world’s worst humanitarian crisis since the WWII, and a little about a project I’m currently embarking on. Even though coverage of this crisis is decreasing in the news (let’s face it, talking about the same thing everyday doesn’t necessarily bring in viewers), the crisis is not getting better as many would assume. Now entering into the … Continue reading We are One, Stand as One – #prayforsyria