God Took Care of My Hand!

Went for my final fracture follow-up appointment yesterday. I have never seen a doctor so pleased with recovery! He was telling me how we can barely see the line of fracture and how straight my finger is. In addition to that, he said “Normally we would recommend hand therapy but it seems like your hand is healed so well there’s nothing much the therapist can … Continue reading God Took Care of My Hand!

GO! Photos: Romania!

I shall begin the post with three of the most beautiful and extraordinary women I’ve had the privilege to serve with and know. They were more than just teammates, they were family, they were sisters. They were my pillars of support through the trip. The trip would have been very different if it weren’t for their love, understanding, acceptance, guidance and encouragements. Thank you for … Continue reading GO! Photos: Romania!

Go! Destination: Romania 

It’s always been in the top of my bucket list to go on a mission trip, especially after meeting some faith-filled, love-filled, courage-filled missionaries from South Africa. They are part of Global Challenge Expeditions which trains and sends people to GO and make disciples for Jesus, out of love. The team I met were part of the one year expeditions where they set aside one entire year … Continue reading Go! Destination: Romania