I have moved!

It has taken me a long time to make this move, mostly because I’ve already got something so good going on here. I am immensely grateful and in awe of how my stories have travelled all across the globe. Blessed by the positive comments, emails and encouragements I’ve received over the years. Thank you.

I have always enjoyed writing. It allows me to think, to reflect and to put my jumbled up emotions into coherent words.

My dreamer self has realised that unless I make this move, my writing and sharing will only stay on the same level.

So as much as this is inconvenient and troublesome and I might lose some of you, I decided to take this shot.

For those who follow this blog via my Facebook or Instagram publicity, the new site will do the same, so just click on the updates when it comes.
As for those who have subscribed to email updates, unfortunately, I can’t move you over and you won’t receive anymore notifications unless you subscribe on the new site. It’s really simple. You should find the subscription button on bottom right of every page on the website.

Here’s to moving onward!

Who knows… I might write a book next time. ><

Much much love,